The Basics of Vending Machine Repair

Because vending machines can damage or break, it is important to conduct regular inspections and maintenance on them. When they are not functioning properly, customers will not be able to use them and they will cease to generate revenue. Troubleshooting the machine can help determine what the problem is and what the next step should be in vending machine repair.

Basic Vending Machine Repairs

All vending machines should have a contact number available for customers to call if there is ever a problem with the unit. Vending machine owners should also have a basic understanding of their machines and access to the model manual. It is smart to have on hand a few basic parts and tools to fix minor problems. This allows a minor vending machine repair to be completed without any down-time necessary.

Troubleshooting the Problem

One of the most frequent problems that a vending machine can have is for the coils to get jammed so that the machine fails to dispense the product. Correctly loading the machine can help prevent this. Sometimes a machine will fail to take dollars as well. This usually occurs when the machine no longer has change. Simply refilling the change should fix the issue. It may also occur when money is stuck in the bill validator.

Different Models of Vending Machines

When the repair is not a simple fix, it is usually better to call a vending machine repair company. There are different models of vending machines and these machines each use different parts. These repair companies often specialize in working with certain models; this ensures that they will have the right type of parts and equipment available. However, always remember to check the model brand and number before calling a service center.

Having a Vending Technician Come Out

Vending machine repair technicians know how to check the complicated electrical components of vending machines to make sure that they are working properly. They can also test the handles, product chutes, springs and the bill and change mechanisms. In addition, they are able to clean and service the machines so that they run efficiently and are less prone to breakdowns in the future.

When it is Best to Use a Repair Service

State and local public health codes cover vending machines that serve food or beverage. A vending machine repair service understands these regulations and works to make sure that they are met. Failure to comply with health codes can result in ticket violations and may result in the machine being shut down. There are also local plumbing and electrical codes that need to be complied with. Vending machine technicians can make the necessary electrical and water connections to code if need be.

Vending machines need preventative maintenance to run properly. Sometimes they still break down however. Understanding the basic functioning of the unit can prevent costly repairs. For the larger problems a qualified vending machine repair company can get the machine back up and running quickly.